Horrible piercings that fuck up your face

I’m visiting a friend and her husband this week and came into her office to talk about what we were doing for dinner tonight and to see if she wanted to check out one of the local Rick’s.  Don’t know why but heard they had some rather hot as fuck chicks so I wanted to see for myself.

Well when I came into her office she was busy editing pictures from an upcoming Amateur District release called True Amateur Teens.  For the most part the girls in the flick are pretty hot, especially compared to the low quality chicks you typically get in amateur movies.  But just as I was starting to say how hot the girls were, I seen this picture.


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The girl is cute enough but what the fuck was she thinking putting that piercing there?  It looks like a fucking big ass pimple on her face?  How the fuck did she ever think that would be attractive?  I seriously would have made her take that shit out before ever filming her.  So fucking nasty.

One thought on “Horrible piercings that fuck up your face

  1. I absolutely agree. I would extend the argument to all tattoos as well. Any kind of physical adornment on a beautiful woman has always felt like a dent or scratch on a brand-new Ferrari!

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