Nikki Benz dishes out fantasy football advice


( LOS ANGELES, CA ) – Fantasy Football fans looking for a little advice have plenty of places to turn. Thanks to adult entertainment superstar Nikki Benz, the best looking place to find such advice is Nikki just finished shooting the latest episode of “Cubed” for the web site. This marks the third time Nikki has appeared in a segment of “Cubed.” She reprises her role as the sexy office maid who dispenses fantasy football advice loaded with double entendre.

“I’m honored the producers of FOX Sports have decided to make me a reoccurring character,” states Nikki. “And best of all I get to play myself, just in a sexy maid outfit! Everyone on that show is great and I am glad to be part of their team.”

With Nikki spicing things up and chiming in on all things fantasy football, the daily office grind is anything but typical for regulars Michelle, Bernie and Pizzi. If this episode is as popular as Nikki’s first two, then more are certain to follow.

Nikki’s latest episode of “Cubed” can be seen at

In addition to filming “Cubed” for Nikki is busy gearing up for a European dance tour that will see her feature from Italy to Finland. Along the way she will be making celebrity appearances and attending conventions and trade shows.


“I’m beyond excited to be going to Italy and Finland,” says Nikki. “My Italian fans on Twitter and MySpace have been contacting me non-stop to make sure it was true. It is. I am on my way. I love it. I even went out and bought really warm coats for Finland, but I imagine my Nordic fans will keep me warm.”

Nikki has been very busy in the States shooting hot new scenes. In “Blonde Bombs” from Zero Tolerance Nikki warms things up with a fantastic tease sequence at poolside and then cranks up the heat with a blistering round of hardcore boy/girl action in the bedroom.

Nikki also stars in the highly anticipated and immensely popular “Pump Fiction” episode from Brazzers. In it, Nikki transforms into an X-Rated version of Mia Wallace from “Pulp Fiction” and even gets to don the famous black bob sported by Uma Thuman in the movie. “My fans and I couldn’t wait for Pump Fiction to come out. Now that it has, it is one of the most popular and talked about scenes in Brazzers history. It is based on one of my favorite Quentin Tarantino films and it came out great. I encourage everyone to check it out.”

In addition to these scenes, Nikki has also been hard at work shooting exclusive content for her web site

From hit movies to European dance tours to fantasy football advice, Nikki Benz is one busy lady.

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