Damn Video Secrets is more shady than I thought

Since I originally posted my story about the unethical and shady business practices of Video Secrets I have been getting email after email of people telling me their stories.  I knew with so many rumors going around about these guys they had to be bad news but damn after reading all these emails, I don’t know what to say.  How the fuck do companies still keep doing business with them?

Here is an interesting email I got yesterday.

After reading the article you wrote concerning Video Secrets and what they get away with.  We helped to set up individual studios in Europe for years.   We would hire managers for each studio, train them and the girls on how the entire business worked and everything was going great.  That was until I met Chuck, one of the owners of Video Secrets.

He convinced us to move over to his network and at first it was great but eventually Video Secrets decided they didn’t need us anymore.  They would instead go out and offer secret and back door deals to these managers who were running each of the individual studios in Europe.  They would lure them away from us with the lure of large amounts of cash.

We tried to complain but all we got was the runaround.  Eventually they took away all of our studios and we were left with nothing.  We were out of business.  I did eventually get a hold of one of the owners of Video Secrets and all he really had to say was “What do you expect us to do?  Turn a blind eye on a chance to make more money?  Dumb ass!”  and then he laughed and hung up the phone.

The only real sense of justice we got out of all of this is that as soon as we were out of business the studios they lured away from us with promises of big amounts of cash all ended up getting screwed and since we weren’t in business anymore they couldn’t come running back to us.  I guess it’s true, you reap what you sow.

So my friends next time you want to do business with Video Secrets, you might want to remember this story or one of the hundreds of other ones going around about people screwed by Video Secrets.  And do keep in mind that it was this company, Video Secrets that the Free Speech Coalition named ethical and the Internet business of the year.  What the hell where they thinking?

I got another email about two days ago from a young man who wishes that we don’t identify him because he is still in the adult industry and doesn’t want to risk being blackballed because he came out and told the truth about what he knows about Video Secrets.  But what he told me in his email is that he worked for them for three years and seen with his own eyes the things that go on behind closed doors and said he knows for a fact that Video Secrets is a bunch of really shady fucks.  Some of the things such as shaving sales and duplicate billings of customers is true, or at least it was when he worked there.  When he left the company he was told that if he ever opens his mouth he would never have another job in this industry again and for years and years he has stayed quiet about all he knew.

I tried to convince the guy to go on record and work with attorneys for some kind of class action lawsuit but no such luck.

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