FSC Openly Promotes Shady Company

I am sure your parents have told you that it isn’t what you know but who you know and apparently that really holds true for the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) and who they decide to hand out their awards to.

For awhile now Mike South has been saying they have issues over there but fuck, who knew that meant they down right smoked fucking crack and took bribes.  Well that has to be the case because it would be the only thing that could possibly explain what I seen today.

In this month’s issue of XBIZ World we find out that the FSC named Video Secrets their Top Internet Business of the Year.  Not get this part of the award ……  they give the award out based on the efforts of the company  to provide consumers, merchants and affiliates and the public at large with an ethical product.  I never thought I would hear the word “ethical” associated with Video Secrets unless it was something like name something they aren’t.   No but seriously, how much fucking crack do the people over at the FTC really smoke?  Video Secrets?  Seriously?

So what we’ve learned today, you don’t have to actually be ethical to get awards for good business practices …. just know the right people.  Damn good to know that the company who claims to be working for our best interest has no problem promoting a company that has had such a shady past.


Video Secrets has been around a long time.  About 13 years I suppose.   If nothing else, you can at least give them that.  Throughout the years they have weathered problems with ownership, employees and rumors of shady dealings and things like very bad conversion ratios, double billing and shaving sales or stealing traffic through leaks.  The rumor of shaving sales has actually come up a lot over the years for Video Secrets.  I don’t know if anyone has ever proven they are screwing people but the rumor has been around long enough and comes up often enough to really make you wonder.

On the popular Playboy owned “GFY” or Go Fuck Yourself adult forums, a webmaster asked ” Which programs AREN’T worth signing up to?  I wanna know which cash programs that have screwed people over and haven’t paid them. Or shave from your sales.


The very first post in response included Video Secrets.  But the thread didn’t just stop there.  Other webmasters would eventually chime in and say things like ….

Amen brother, I would soon 404 all my sites and send the traffic to Google than send a single click to Video Secrets.”  That’s pretty harsh for a program who just won a awards based on the ethics of their business practices don’t you think?


And yet another webmaster said “Ain’t that the truth …. these guys are scum“.

These guys are scum?  Do you think that the people over at the Free Speech Coalition bothered to check into the years and years of accusations of wrongdoings by countless affiliates and consumers?  I don’t personally know if any one claim of fraud or unethical behavior has ever been proven to be true, including the one time rumor that Video Secrets back end affiliate software was created with the ability to manually manipulate affiliates accounts giving them the ability to shave sales, meaning we would just have to trust them not to do it …. but what I do know for a fact is that after so many years of hearing the same rumors and problems, even if they aren’t provable, I would think twice before associating myself with these people.   There have just been far to many complaints for there not to be a problem somewhere.


But hey, maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe after all of these years and all of these different complaints by countless affiliates and consumers, they – the consumers and affiliates are the wrong wrong and maybe Video Secrets really isn’t guilty of all those things people say about them.  I mean, seriously … what the hell do I know?

I know these fuckers never did send me my $1200, after my payment supposedly got lost in the mail not once, not twice but an amazing three times … but whatever.  Good luck FSC with your ethical company of the year.  It only goes to show, that Mike South apparently was on to something about you guys.

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