Morgan Dayne on Sons of Anarchy

Earlier today Morgan Dayne (aka Rio Valentine) tweeted how cool it was to see herself on Son’s of Anarchy.  I wondered what she could be talking about.  It took me a moment to even figure out what JLM was.


But it turns out what she meant was Johnny Loves Morgan, one of the last movies she did for Cezar Capone, before moving on to sign for Digital Playground and turn herself into Rio Valentine.


So back to Son’s of Anarchy.  For those of you who don’t know, Sons of Anarchy is a wildly popular TV show on FX.  The character in the show Samcro went into the porno business during the shows second season.  The posters for the Morgan Dayne (aka Rio Valentine) movie Johnny Loves Morgan was used for target practice during the porn warehouse scenes in last night’s episode.

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