Nikki Benz Heads Off To Finland

Damn it must be nice to be a hot ass blonde like Nikki Benz who gets paid to travel around the world.  This time it seems she is heading off to Finland.  She twittered about her recent trip just today to tell her fans there she will be coming to see them soon.  They do their dates different than we do.  But it seems she will be there from November 6th through the 7th and the name of the event is sEXHIBITION.

Nikki Benz Finland

In accordance with the FTC regulations I must disclose that Nikki Benz nor Finland paid me any monies to tell you about her trip there.  I only posted this story because a) I think she is hot as fuck and b) I’m jealous as fuck that people don’t pay me money to fly around the world and just look fabulous.

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