Janine Gives WHITE POWER a Whole New Meaning

Holy shit do I have a story for you today my friends.  I have been one upped today and holy fuck only Cindi could have found a way to one up a story about a porn star who just got out of prison and might have married her transsexual lover.   So what could have possibly beaten that story?  News that she didn’t marry her tranny lover, but she did marry a white supremacist who got out of prison the month before she did.  Yes I’m talking about Janine.

Janine and Lefty

So Cindi you win.  Your story trumps the fuck out of mine.  I don’t even know how to respond to your post.  I’m just flat out speechless.  Janine married a skin head.  Holy fucking shit.  What do you say to something like that?

Here is a little more about Janine’s new husband from the LukeisBack post.

This guy. I’ll call him Lefty. I’m not going to give you his real name because he is not in the public eye as far as I can tell, and he also has a kid or two that haven’t been put on “private” yet. I’ll tell you what I can about him without breaking into his privacy too much-

Lefty got out of Federal prison in May and in JUNE was living in a half way house (Maybe where he met Janine?)

In May, Lefty talks often of “loving Sarah” (Janine’s real name is Janine, so it’s not her). The Sarah that I can trace from him has the same home town A.V. (Antelope Valley/Lancaster)  California, is almost the same age, early 30’s and calls herself an Aryan Princess.

Lefty doesn’t drink or smoke, but likes tattoos. As do his friends. Lefty’s friends talk about White power and/or prison and/or tattoos.

Just can’t help but wonder if Lefty or his white power friends has seen these pictures of his beloved, new wife Janine from the movie Janine’s Been Blackmaled?




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