Is Mike South Supporting Illegal Tube Sites Himself?

Earlier this week Mike South was quick to send out a press release about a Playboy owned venture ( took advertising money from a company who also just so happens to own a tube site.

Mike South besides his own blog, also happens to run a TGP. Basically a TGP site is sort of a picture post site, where other people submit a gallery of photos on his site and in return he shares in the advertising on that page of photos. In other words, every submitted photo gallery much include a link back to Mike South’s TGP site and the owner of the TGP (in this case Mike South) must approve any gallery page submitted.

So anyway the whole point I’m trying to make is that Mike South and his friends were quick to condemn Eric, GFY and Playboy for benefiting from a company who owns an illegal tube site when he himself is doing the exact same thing.


Now before Mike South tries the expected response of he didn’t know, keep in mind that every single post submitted on his TGP has to be approved by him. As you can see from the screenshot above, the ad for Brazzers is very clear and right under his own name. You can’t quite miss that not once but MULTIPLE times.

So who cares if Mike South is pimping out Brazzers? Well remember earlier this week he called out Playboy / GFY for it.

Brazzers has been shown to be the owners of TrafficJunky (see link here on GfY), who works directly with illegal tube sites. TrafficJunky is the exact same site Mike South is up in arms about for them paying GFY for an ad. So he is in fact guilty of EXACTLY the same thing he is bitching about.

So to you Mike South I say POT KETTLE BLACK

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