Digital Playground Signs Raven Alexis

Ever heard of Raven Alexis?  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  Most people haven’t either.  She seems to be rather new to the block but claims to have some past modeling experience, although she is only 5 foot 3.   Although I will give her this, the photo Digital Playground sent out looks hot as fuck.  Although interestingly enough, the photo DP is sending out, looks really nothing like any of the other photos I found of her.  I wasn’t even sure at first they were the same girl.

Look at the images below.  The first is what Digital Playground is issuing with their press release about signing her.  The second came from her MySpace page.

(from Digital Playground)

Now here is the photo I got from her MySpace page.  Do they look similar?


Digital Playground announces the signing of Raven Alexis™ to an exclusive contract. Raven Alexis adds a new, exciting dimension to the roster of contract beauties famed around the world. The owner of the original websites and, Raven created an ample online fan-base. Raven’s taste of success left her yearning for increased visibility and mainstream publicity. Signing with promotional powerhouse Digital Playground was a dream come true. Joone, Digital Playground’s Founder says, “Raven Alexis has done a commendable job creating her brand and lucrative websites. With her new contract, Digital Playground will elevate her to an international stardom.”

The brown-eyed, brunette vixen measures in at a petite 5′ 3” and 112 lbs and has a killer 34D-24-36 body. Knowledge of her vibrant bi-sexuality caused Raven Alexis to explore ways of satisfying her intense and kinky urges. Usually the dominant one, Raven will allow the right man to take control and bend her over into her favorite position, doggie-style. The curious Aquarius found her way into adult entertainment as a way to experiment with different forms of pleasure. Raven’s obsession with sex is all in the name of science and self-improvement.

Self-proclaimed nerd Raven Alexis loves Digital Playground because of the company’s strangle-hold on technological innovation. She says, “Whenever anything new and interesting happens in adult entertainment, it’s a safe bet that Digital Playground is responsible for it. It’s their foresight and ingenuity that make them the best, and I’m happy to have Digital Playground managing my career and producing my movies.”

A huge sci-fi fan, Raven Alexis owns her own Star Trek costume, which she uses to enact one of her favorite sex fantasies. Intrigued by technology, the gorgeous gadget lover’s iPhone is never far from her side. Raven also spends hours online maintaining her webpages, interacting with fans, and creating level seventy “World of Warcraft” characters. Heading straight to the computer after shooting a scene, Raven is often still completely naked, wet, and extremely horny as she navigates her way through “World of Warcraft”. The versatile Raven is equally down with the pocket protector and sports. She dreamed of being a professional dancer, until a basketball injury propelled her towards other dreams, like Digital Playground.

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