Naughty Girls Need Love Too

TMZ is best known for its salacious celebrity gossip with stories about the likes of Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, John and Kate plus 8 and now our own Jenna Haze.

Claiming “porn stars are people too” the very popular site TMZ shows photos of Jenna Haze in the ocean.

She may happen to be a porn star, but yesterday in Hawaii Jenna Haze enjoyed a dip in the ocean just like any normal 27-year-old girl … Unlike most 27-year-old girls, Jenna wasn’t impressed by the tremendous size of the waves — she’s had bigger … waves.


3 thoughts on “Naughty Girls Need Love Too

  1. She looks gorgeous. That’s really something to know that TMZ has photos of Jenna Haze vacation in Hawaii. But, love it tho. Just to see pornstars enjoying their lifes not front of the camera.

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