Interview with Sunset Thomas

Here is a great interview N.U.T.T.’Z magazine had with Pornstar Sunset Thomas. Hope you enjoy!

N.U.T.T’Z.: What’s going on folks, this is your boy N.U.T.T’Z. With another interview. Right besides me is the Princess of Porn ” Sunset Thomas “, how you doing sweetie welcome to glad to have you here?

Sunset: “I love being near NUTTZ—I’m in my comfort zone when I’m close to NUTTZ!” 
N.U.T.T’Z.: So tell me a little about yourself? Where are you located? How was life growing up for you?

Sunset: “I live in Las Vegas—Sin City! I’ve had my home here for about 10-years. I love it in Vegas, the action never stops. I recently interviewed Mayor Goodman for I dance occasionally with the X-Girls at the Flamingo. It’s a great town but it’s a far cry from my youth. I was born in a little town called Sikeston, Missouri. I was the youngest of 11 country kids. We moved all around the south, raised by my mom. I consider myself a very lucky lady!” 
N.U.T.T’Z.: At what age did you start getting into the adult industry?

Sunset: “I was doing a little modeling in Daytona Beach, Florida and thought I could hit the big time. So I moved to LA with my boyfriend. But all I found in the mainstream was rejection and offers for the casting couch. I answered an ad for a photo shoot for Chic magazine (owned by Larry Flynt). I was flown to Mexico for the layout. I ended up on the cover! Then I tried one solo film (Mr. Peeper’s 25) and enjoyed it so much that my career was launched.” 
N.U.T.T’Z.: What made you decide that you wanted to become an adult star?

Sunset: “Like I said, the experience of being naked in front of a camera, in front of people was such a turn on. I truly loved it. It seemed so natural for me; I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I was lucky or whatever, because I was soon signed as a contract girl, remained a contract girl, and 18 years later I’m in the Hustler Hall of Fame, the AVN Hall of Fame, the Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame and I even had a half page in the Penthouse Magazine 40th Anniversary issue!”

N.U.T.T’Z.: Was you nervous when you got in front of the camera?

Sunset: “Took to it like a duck to water. For real, I have never found anything that comes so easy for me as being naked and sexual in front of a camera and crew. I simply adore it!” 
N.U.T.T’Z.: How often do you take pictures in the studio? How many photo’s are taken during the sessions?

Sunset: “I don’t do layouts so much anymore. They’re probably my least favorite medium in our industry. The days are long, the posing is boring, and they shoot hundreds and hundreds of images to capture a dozen keepers. Not a big fan of still photography…” 
N.U.T.T’Z.: So far how many films have you appeared in? Why are you refered to as the ” Princess of Porn “? 
Sunset: “I’ve only made about 300 films. Now a lot of people say, wow that’s a lot, but it isn’t in our biz. There are girls boasting 200 plus films who’ve worked for a couple of years. I was lucky to always be a contract girl. It meant the box-cover, it meant films built around me, it meant I could help select talent; it meant I didn’t have to dilute my brand. As for being the Princess of Porn, I think Larry Flynt came up with that. Well, someone in the adult media did, or the fans did. I’m flattered to be the Princess of Porn.”

N.U.T.T’Z.: When filimg how often does the sessions take?

Sunset: “Shoots can be done in a day, or two or three. My final film, Into the Sunset, was shot over two days. And it was by far the most comfortable set I’ve ever been on. With Ron Jeremy on the scene, he coached the fan I selected for my final sex scene, and Axel Braun directing and a fucking awesome cast—it rocked!” 
N.U.T.T’Z.:What other activities are you into in the industry?

Sunset: “I’m pretty diverse these days. I write a column for Dog House Boxing (I love the sport), I have a web-based reality show that is off-the-hook (, I just had a fiction book published, Anatomy of an Adult Film, I’m working on any number of other projects ( for example). I just keep busy. I listen to every business pitch. Adult entertainers are much more accepted by the mainstream culture and so I seem to be moving in that direction.” 
N.U.T.T’Z.: What sites and magazines have you appeared in?

Sunset: “It would be easier to list those I haven’t been in!” 
N.U.T.T’Z.: Does your family and friends know and support what you do?

Sunset: “I’ve been at this so long that anyone related to me or who is a friend, knows what I do. The Cathouse series on HBO has made me almost a household name. So I’m surrounded by a lot of supportive people. And you can meet my family by logging onto that aforementioned site.”

N.U.T.T’Z.: Do you have a website if so whats the name of it?

N.U.T.T’Z.: What should we expect to see on you site?

Sunset: The site keeps you up-to-date on all my goings on. And I have a wonderful picture gallery (nothing hardcore though) and best of all, it’s a free site!” 

N.U.T.T’Z.: Where do you see yourself in about five years?

Sunset: “I’d love to be living in San Francisco; it’s my favorite city in the world. I reckon I’ll still be earning off the Sunset brand, maybe directing movies—who knows…” 
N.U.T.T’Z.: Is there anybody in the industry that you would like to work with?

Sunset: “I’ve worked with dang near everybody. Obviously, working with Jenna would be a hoot. Or Jesse, she’s such a little cutie.” 
N.U.T.T’Z.: Are you looking to recruit females? If so how can you be contacted?

Sunset: Well, I do love girls! What have you got in mind? I suppose if you find ‘em, you’ll want to watch!” 
N.U.T.T’Z.: For those who don’t know what are the advantages of making it in the porn business?

Sunset: “There are as many pitfalls as benefits. I always tell girls, don’t get into the biz for just the money. You simply must love sex. Love yourself. Be prepared to be called a slut and a whore and such—even by some members of your own family! It’s a wonderful career, if you go in drug-free and try and keep it that way!” 
N.U.T.T.’Z: What other projects you got going before the year is out?

Sunset: My favorite is it rocks. I’ve opened my world—my family, for everyone to see. It shows that people in our industry are more than what is perceived. I’m a mom, a wife—a fairly typical gal—of course, I’m also a porn star! And I’m real proud of my new book, Anatomy of an Adult Film. 
N.U.T.T’Z.: Any advice you would like to share for the new comers trying to make it in the business?

Sunset: “Like I said, get into it because you enjoy it—not just for the money or it’ll eat you up. And stay clean—save money, don’t get caught up in the party scene…” 
N.U.T.T’Z.: Anything you would like to say to the fans? Any shoutouts?

Sunset: “My fans know I love them. Sunset exists because of them. I always shout out to Larry Flynt because he gave me my start.” 
N.U.T.T’Z.: I would like to say thanks for taking time out and getting with me for this interview I appreciate it.  
Good luck with your future projects.

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