Stephanie Swift Diagnosed with Breast Cancer reported today that “Veteran performer Stephanie Swift has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She discovered the tumor doing a breast self-exam and later doctors found a 1 centimeter tumor in her left breast”

“I’ve elected to do a full double mastectomy, because I don’t want to go through this again,” Swift said. “I’m on emergency status right now. You’re supposed to be operated on no more than a month after you’re biopsied, and it’s been three”. also stated that Stephanie wants to start a nonprofit organization to help raise money for her surgery and help people in similar circumstances.

“I want to start a scholarship fund and I want to start a foundation for other people that things happen to,” Swift said. “Any kind of tragedy. It doesn’t have to be cancer. There are things that happen to people and they have nothing to fall back upon in our business. I want to put that in my name. It’s important to me that I do that.”

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