AIM Healthcare you really suck balls

I shit you not, I really did get this ad off of the AIM healthcare website.   I know they have done a lot of questionable shit, even rumors of them taking bribes but fuck this is a serious new low.  Are the people over there so fucking stupid that they don’t understand the basic concept of the female reproductive system?  Do they really think the little sperm are going to jump from the chicks stomach into her vagina, up her tubes and so on and so on?  I mean I heard some dudes have some strong swimmers before, but fuck apparently AIM wants you to believe some people have sperm that are super sonic.


One thought on “AIM Healthcare you really suck balls

  1. Not only do people not understand the basic concept of the female reproductive system, but 99% of men don’t understand women! Yes there are many stupid people out there. I don’t understand what your point here is about AIM, but I do know not to trust the counseling center at AIM. I once contact Sharon Mitchell about counseling and asked her a question (I won’t reveal what that was) however she was in a freezing mode and stated “that’s a loaded question”. Actually that was the second time that happened, so it’s better to seek an educated and talented counselor who can related to others problems:)

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