Man or Woman and Saggy Boobs

Watching manswers on Spike TV and I found out how to tell if that hot chick is really a dude. No kidding! And it is not the adam’s apple because they can have that surgically shaved down! The sure fire way to tell is the index finger. The index finger is longer than the ring finger if it is a woman, shorter if it is a man! So when in doubt, check out the hands!!!

And what about saggy boobs. Sometimes you think those tits look great, but then the bra comes off the the boobs sag to the floor. How do you tell before the bra comes off? Well, that’s easy. It is all in the jiggle. If they are really bouncy they are firmer. Saggy boobs don’t bounce as much! Funny because I would have thought that firmer boobs would bounce less!

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