Teagan Presley at Red Parrot

(July 29, 2009 – Atlanta, GA) Just weeks away from her first of two upcoming award shows with a feature nomination, Teagan does what she does almost better than anyone, ending out her summer with her third straight week of feature dancing with a gig in El Paso at the legendary Red Parrot. The Red Parrot is also nominated at the upcoming Exotic Dancer 2009 ED Awards for Feature Club of the Year, while Presley is nominated for Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year.

“The Red Parrot is a club I’ve wanted to appear at that I hadn’t had a chance to, so I am so excited!” Presley adds, “Eva was there in the spring, and I’m excited that the Red Parrot is the last club of my summer tour! I’m having surgery a few days later to correct damage in my left breast, so I’l be off for at least a month.” Presley tore her pectoral during her Penthouse Pet layout last summer, a sacrifice she doesn’t regret for one moment. “Penthouse was something I wanted my whole career, so I could’ve lost a leg during my shoot and I still would’ve been ok with it.” Presley is having a revolutionary new procedure done on her left breast, wrapping her implant in a new material that prevents scar tissue from forming. “I’m lucky that this material has finally come to market, and even more excited that this will be my last surgery as I’ve had three corrective surgeries since I tore my pec, and any more I’m afraid they’ll name a wing of the hospital after me!”

Teagan’s appears over three nights beginning July 30th, ending Saturday August 1st. For more information on the Red Parrot, visit www.redparrot.com For more information on Teagan, visit www.sungoddessxxx.com or www.deviancexxx.com, or follow Teagan on Twitter @MsTeagan.


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