Monique Alexander Boob Job Rumors

There have been various pictures of Monique Alexander surfacing as she models for different companies and websites that at times make her appear to have enhanced breasts. So did Monique Alexander get a boob job after she left Vivid? Turns out the answer is a no. Here is a shot of Monique Alexander from late July, 2009 of her laying out in a bikini at the beach. You can clearly see by this angle of the shot Monique Alexander still has all of lovely lady parts the way they always were.

Monique Alexander at the beach July 2009

2 thoughts on “Monique Alexander Boob Job Rumors

  1. she has always said to me she loves her natural breasts and would never change them. so i am not surprised it is just rumor. i would be shocked if it were true. the skin art should come as no surprise as she was always a fan of ink but waited a long time before deciding to take that plunge.

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