Has Tanner Mayes Gone Crazy?

I was reading a story over at Luke is Back about young porn starlet Tanner Mayes. The person writing the story starts off negative saying that a young, 20 year old Mayes has “already started to lose her looks” so you immediately know he has a personal interest in making her look bad.

Basically the story goes on about how this girl is a crazed nut job and comes on the set with a really nasty open sore on her inner thigh. My first thought about that is, then why in the fuck would you let her continue to perform with the other girls, putting them at risk? What kind of sick fuck are you for letting this shit get past that in the first place?

Next the guy rambles on about her being crazy and making weird random outbursts. Then he says something else rather interesting and quite insightful “The only reason I can think of why she did this is that – the other girl is very pretty – Tanner felt threatened by her as a result of insecurity and immaturity.”   It was clear at this point, the person writing this post was really into Tanner Mayes and she probably turned him down or dumbed his ass and like most people hurt, they lash out.

So the rest of the story goes on about Tanner Mayes being a full blown nut job and how she walked off a New Sensations set and how she supposedly said some shit about Wicked Pictures.

So is there any truth at all to this story?  I don’t know.  Maybe some.  But here is an image I found of Tanner Mayes.  Tell me how crazy you would be if this is what you did day in and day out and then you had crazy fucking stalker dudes like  writing stories about you on all the blogs?  I mean fuck, the guy has not only posted his story at LIB but also at Adult GFY and who the fuck knows how many other places.  I’m sorry but I’m calling bullshit on his little story that he is pimping around all over the place.


3 thoughts on “Has Tanner Mayes Gone Crazy?

  1. She doesn’t take it in the ass so who gives a shit about her anyway.

  2. Ya isn’t that the same company who just months later would get accused of raping like 2 different chicks on two different occasions? Looks like she was the smart one for walking the fuck out on these douche bags.

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