Eva Angelina Gets Spiritual

No no, don’t worry.  Eva Angelina isn’t going Jesus freak on us or anything.  She makes it very clear she loves the cock and plans on taking as many as she can as often as she can but in her personal life she would like to explore different aspects of religion.  Years ago I started down the some road and although I wouldn’t call myself Religious, I would say I am spiritual and well probably better educated about Religion than most die hard church goers.  Now when they spout out bullshit and start talking out their ass, I just smile and nod.   I hope that Eva Angelina finds the peace she is clearly looking for and I encourage her too look into all Religions, not just Christianity.  Heck, even the ancient ones.  It’s all very fascinating stuff.

A snippet of her blog …. So in conclusion, I have decided that I am going to do a little research project. I am going to document my different experiences when relearning the different aspects of religions. Some where in there I will hopefully discover where I feel I best fit in this equation now that I am an adult and have experienced enough in life to know what I already believe in and so on and so on. I am on a quest to find my faith. This might be a very inexpensive version of therapy.

You can read more about Eva Angelina’s new quest for spirituality and sexuality on her personal blog at her official website www.EvaAngelinaXXX.com. Her blog is free and are stories she personally writes up and posts.

Eva Angelina

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