Sunset Thomas in new reality series

Sunset Thomas, aunt of former Vivid girl Sunrise Adams, now has her own reality series called Sin City Mom. The promo for the new series has just been released and to be honest it looks rather interesting. I’m not typically a fan of reality TV shit but this show is about a porn star, stripper, former call girl in Las Vegas so how bad can it really be?

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I will say though that Sunset Thomas is hardly recognizable from her photos that get sent out with all her promo stuff. I get that she’s been around the business nearly 20 years now and people change but seriously, I would not have fucking known that was Sunset Thomas for the life of me. She’s still hot and all but I really wouldn’t have ever even begun to peg that blonde chick as Sunset Thomas from the photos.

2 thoughts on “Sunset Thomas in new reality series

  1. she is definitely getting older as we all must do, but I’m glad to see that she is alive and doing well 🙂

  2. This is a train collision and im just watching. This family is dysfunctional with a capital D. God bless good television

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