Video Game Girls Burlesque Show

Ahhhhh, video game girls. Oh, how we love them. Their powers, their shapely figures, their weapons, their ability to consume hours upon hours of our time. They are our nerd fantasies…and now they have come to life courtesy of the fine folks at Los Angeles-based burlesque troop Devil’s Playground.

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Ya see, every Saturday night in the City if Angels, dancer Courtney Cruz and her cadre of scantily clad dancers put on a fabulous burlesque show at Bordello in the downtown district. Each show has a theme, ranging from sideshow freaks to Batman characters. A few weeks ago the night was dedicated to those lovely lasses that light up our screen, Video Game Girls. And we were there. Now, so can you be to.

You’ll meet Metroid’s Samus Aran, Street Fighter’s Chun-Li, Princess Peach of Super Mario Bros., BloodRayne’s Rayne and, of course, Princess Zelda. All in full costume….until they remove it. Highlighted by the musical stylings of Nitzer Ebb members Bon Harris and Jason Payne, Video Game Girls was show unlike any other and now you can be there to experience it in all of its full frontal glory.

Enjoy…and make sure to check out the eye-popping photo gallery of this event! Yowza! From G4TV

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