Tera Patrick Celebrates 4/20

On this the international day of the ganja, I thought what better way to celebrate than to share with you one of our own who also enjoys her week. Here we have porn star Tera Patrick talking about about her love of weed in an interview with High Times magazine in which she was the cover girl in August of 2008 and that she finds pot to be an aphrodisiac and says some of the best sex she has ever had, has been when she was high. If for some reason you can’t view the video below you can view it here.

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For those who don’t know what 4/20 is, well … 4:20 or 4/20 refers to consumption of cannabis and a way to identify oneself with cannabis drug subculture. You can read here the rest of the 4/20 story. The Tera Patrick story doesn’t really have anything to do with the 4/20 holiday. Just that today happens to be 4/20 so I thought I would post a relevant pot story. Enjoy fuckers.

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