There is a Bun in that Oven!

Darrah Ford of Porn Star Babylon is reporting that Jenna Jameson may be pregnant, although admitidly it is through an unconfirmed source.

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Porn Star Jenna Jameson

Thank you to one of my fantastic readers ABC for posting this on my blog just now!

The NY Post is reporting this saying a source has told them. Jenna and Tito’s people had no comment. If she is pregnant and if having a baby can straighten out her life, then congratulations and I’m happy for her. But my experience with following celebrities for years is that they lie when they are about to promote something or if they just want some new publicity for the week.

Celebrities start dating for publicity, they get married, have babies, and adopt children from other countries for publicity. They even stage scandals and so-called feuds with rival celebrities for publicity. The thing to do now in Hollywood is get pregnant and sell the baby pictures for a starting price of a million dollars.

Jenna is no different. She’s been trying to go mainstream for years. And since leaving porn, it’s now gone into full motion with promoting herself to the general public. Neither she or Tito have confirmed anything. I’ll believe it when I see a belly showing. And she better stop the drinking and start eating if she really is pregnant.

    “She had a bunch of meetings and things planned for Fashion Week, including meetings for her own line, but she’s postponed everything. She’s completely thrilled, this is something she’s wanted for a very long time.”

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