Santa Clause is coming to town

No not really but apparently the Urban Spice Awards are! I was reading an article last February about the introduction of an awards show for ethnic stars and movies. The brainchild of director Giana Taylor, it will showcase the finest ethnic talent, producers and product. The first annual Urban Spice Awards show will be held Sunday, June 8th, 2008, at Platinum Live in Studio City, CA. Now here is where the story gets interesting.


According to the article from LukeisBack, Giana Taylor is an alias for Alexander Devoe’s ex wife (Diane Devoe) and Alex Devoe for those who don’t know is a director and nominee for Best Director – Body of Work, Best Studio, Best Videography, and the nomination for the award of Visionary.

When this story was first revealed on LukeisBack, it was not known that not only would the husband of Giana Taylor be nominated for those awards, but also she herself would be up for the same awards, under her real name Diane Devoe. Her nominations include Best Director – Body of Work, Best Director – Feature, Best Videography.

This article stated that Diana Devoe and her current boyfriend John E. Depth would be removed from consideration from the award however we now see that he in fact is still up for the award of Best Director – Body of Work. In response to the claims of corruption Diane Devoe (or someone claiming to be Diane Devoe) had this to say :



I just wanted to be clear. Is the opinion that someone who is sleeping with someone who is involved in an awards show should be unilaterally barred from receiving an award? Just checking…. BECAUSE I’M CRAZY SURE NOTHING LIKE THAT’S EVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!!! LMFAO! You guys are cute.

So why my friends am I bringing up an issue that was discussed to death last February? I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s always fun to make fun of someone who created an entire awards show only to nominate themselves and their friends in multiple categories but there is another reason I write about this now. I write about it because it’s almost time for the awards show to take place and I thought now would be a good time to point out some of the nominees but before doing so I wanted to remind you all of the story that went along with the Urban Spice Awards. Actually the whole reason I even bothered looking all of this shit up is because I noticed August was nominated for an award.

August – “Best Oral Female,” as seen in Lord of Asses XI

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