Kelli must be a god damn psychic

I was talking to a friend of mine named Kelli, who has been in the industry more than a decade now and I look to as a sounding board at times when things piss me off in the business she seems to always have sound advice. So about 3 months we were talking about those bitches from Myspace and how they grate my nerves with their fake ass posts. As if nobody really knows that someone else is posting for them. We get that it’s a marketing tool for you but fucking A, stop pretending it’s really you posting.

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Anyway, more on fake ass bitches later. For now back to my conversation that took place 3 months ago. As Kelli and I were discussing Myspace bitches and how annoying they were with their add my friend so and so, she defended a few of them such as Hanna Hilton, stating that she had a few conversations with the girl in the past and she shouldn’t be a bigger nicer. So it turns out that Hanna Hilton, who was discovered on Myspace mind you, is not only hot as hell, and has DD tits that are all natural, which in itself I can’t fucking believe, but she is also nice as hell? Damn. Kelli called her “polite, courteous, and well spoken”. And this is some Myspace bitch? I think Hanna Hilton has to be the exception to the rule, either that or the perfect fucking woman. Cause damn, double D tits that are all real? That’s some serious shit there.

Hanna Hilton from

In the course of our conversation about Myspace bitches, she mentions that if Hanna Hilton were to sign with Vivid and take the leap from nude model to adult actress, that she could easily skyrocket in popularity. We get into a debate about marketing of porn star images which I won’t bore you with but not three months later we find out that Hanna Hilton did sign with Vivid.

Now is that some psychic shit or what? Kelli swears up and down she had no idea Hanna Hilton really was in talks with Vivid but she is glad she did and that “the two will be a perfect fit”. Of course Kelli is probably glad because she runs one of the few already established Hanna Hilton fan sites out there.

As for the rest of those myspace bitches. No I can’t just let this shit go.

Myspace has become less about social networking and more about a PR tool for established porn stars and up and comers alike to get the word out to their fans and stalkers. At first it was just a few of them …. most of the time you could easily tell the difference between the fakers and the real girls.

Today however times have changed and so have the Myspace porn stars. I was glancing at their posts and here is what I seen ………

  • Post 1 : Check Out My Hot New Friend….<INSERT FRIEND NAME HERE> !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Post 2 : A post about booking for escorting but well written as to try and be clever
  • Post 3: The FEMBomB will blow you away! Add my girl <INSERT GIRL NAME HERE>!
  • Post 4 : (Same porn star from post 2) Add my girl <INSERT GIRL NAME> … She’s the Jerzey Gem!
  • Post 5 : This Hottie is <INSERT FRIEND NAME HERE>, She’s a Doll !!!!!!!!
  • Post 6 : <INSERT GIRL NAME HERE> was in American Curves Last Month, She’s Smokin’ !!!!

At first I thought to myself, what the hell is the point and then I came across no less than 6 posts from a Janine ID that clearly in no way in hell are made by Janine herself but the person tries to imply that they are at times without actually ever committing fraud by saying they are Janine.

I wonder now what these guys are going to do that Myspace has started to cut off any links to adult sites or adult related material from Myspace? I noticed that quite a few porn stars who use Myspace haven’t figured it out yet. They are still posting links and not realizing the links are dead because Myspace cuts their ass off. Where will they go next?

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