Fayner Posts: Dez, Alaura and I were talking yesterday, and I happened to bring up how years ago Wanker Wang wanted to do a movie called “Pop Eye” where unsuspecting chicks “accidently” get an eyeful of jizz. The idea is to watch them squirm in pain as the cameraman tells them to hold still while semen fills their eye. I can imagine it hurts.

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“Fuck yeah it hurts! Dez always used to do that to me in our scenes!” Alaura screamed. “And when he worked with other girls, they’d always complain to me afterwards about his unleashing into their eye!”

“That was my thing,” Dez added. “I don’t know, for some reason every load I blew went straight for the eye!”

“Maybe your sperm and the chick’s retina created some sort of magnet, where all the jizz makes a B-line for the eyeball?” I suggested.

“Maybe. You should write something about it and ask chicks to come forward who have ever taken one in the eye from me. I swear there must be hundreds of them…”

Okay, so I will. Any porn chicks taken an eyeful from Dez’s snake please come forward and describe your ordeal. Let us know at fayneralmighty@gmail.com

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