Hilary is sooooo much hotter than nasty Britney Spears DCypher posts: Hillary Scott pretends to be the real diva in Britney Rears 4: Britney Goes Gonzo, which came out yesterday from X-Play and LFP Video.

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The DVD boasts over four hours of pornological goodness, with nine complete sex scenes and well over an hour of extras like behind the scenes and bloopers.

Shot prior to Scott’s exclusive contract with SexZ Pictures, the fourth installment in director Will Ryder’s popular series co-stars Jamie Elle, Daisy, Veronique Vega, Sativa Rose, Kissy Kapri, Serena Marcus and Jessica Sweet. James Bartholet plays a non-sex role as a “zany television reporter” from all initial reports. Zany, in this case, does not mean Zicari related. No reason to start boycotting or marching around in front of the big black towers of LFP’s hive with signs and chanting catchy slogans.

Apparently the plot revolves around the device of aphrodisiac lollipops called Britney Pops that turn sweet and innocent young girls into that one chick we all knew in high school who ANYONE could score on. Oh yeah, you knew her all right. We all did. Good times.

The director Will Ryder told me he wanted to up the ante big time since the real Britney, the not so hot MILF who wishes she looked like Hilary Scott, has been off the rails lately jamming God-knows-how-much man meat into her fatgina on a nightly basis. So Ryder threw in ball scorching threeways and some zesty anal and really cranked the heat up. He said he knew that Hilary knew just how to handle some rough and dirty fucking and that the results were amazing. He said he’d take the Pepsi challenge with those other gonzo companies any day of the week then began cursing at me in Italian slang so obscure, so dialect heavy, that I pissed myself in fear like a little girl and told him I wanted to go home. I vowed that I would pass this message on to you, the loyal readers of this site so that’s what I’m a gonna do, capice?

You see I believe that in this life all you have is your word and your balls, and you really shouldn’t break them for nobody. Please check out his free gallery so I don’t have to go through that again. Thank you for your compassion and understanding.

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