Fayner Posts: I was watching I Am An Animal yesterday, the documentary about PETA and the lady who created the animal protection group. Lots of blood and death and animal poop. Even showed what appeared to be a wolf getting its skin peeled off. Yucky!

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Near the end of the documentary was the 25th anniversary party for PETA. Tons of people showed up to cheer on the woman who started it all (and some to oogle at co-host Pamela Anderson).

Pam’s introduction of the founder meant everyone in the audience stood up and cheered. The camera panned the crowd, and in the front row was none other than porn legend Ron Jeremy. And what’s funny is you can see everyone else standing to clap except Ron, who sits (in the front fucking row!) eating food.

So how does someone like Ron Jeremy get to the front row of a PETA event? Is he that much a friend to the animal? Or is he that special because he actually is a hedgehog?

I don’t know. It was just funny seeing Ron stuffing his face while everyone else was up clapping.

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