Fayner Posts: Something has been bothering me as of late. Well, not really bothering me, but making me cringe.

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So, I was on set today for a secret undercover assignment for Hustler. The girl asks the director who the male talent is. He says Steve Austin. I thought he meant Steve Holmes, so I made the face one would make if Steve Holme’s name was mentioned. The girl saw this, but I played it off as nothing because it is not nice to scare the female talent.

But what is is it about Steve Holmes that scares me so? Could it be that he enjoys licking the semen off the girl’s face after blowing it on her face?

Yes, that is it.

It’s also that he will lick off cum that doesn’t even belonng to him in a DP or gangbang.

So here is the question: if you’re a male performer in the same scene as Steve Holmes and a girl, and when you jizz Steve laps it up like a hungry dog, are you now Gay too?

Pretty much, if another guy sucks your cum down his throat are you a fag, too?

Not that its ever happened to me, I was just wondering.

Now if you’ll excuse me I must go and puke.

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