Fayner Posts: I haven’t heard from – or about – Ariana in quite some time. Her MySpace says she is back living in New York.

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Anyway, Ariana sent me an email the other day. This is what it said:

hey sweetheart

So I decided to persuse the industry news and gossip for the first time in a while… i noticed some articles about chico and hailey….. is this a joke ? or is that for real…

let me know


hope everything is great

Fayner Continues: I asked her if I could interview her, since as far as I know no one in this business had gotten closer to Wanker Chico Wang than Ariana. They were like fruit and salad, hamburger and bun, chocolate and whiskey. She says she isn’t ready to do an interview. Makes sense. I’m still gonna hound her until she complies.

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