Fayner Posts: So tomorrow night, around ten, Taylor Rain, Alaura Eden and I will be boarding a plane headed East for our annual trip (Alaura’s maiden voyage) to the quant little island of Nantucket. Two whole weeks, too, so obviously we’re bringing along Rhi and Bandito AKA Senor Handsome to help pass the time as we lounge on the beach and drink and eat and hike and go 4-wheeling on the beach drunk and high.

Generate AI Porn

Will Taylor flash her boobs for free drinks?

Will Brantley get in a fight with a pole?

Will Fayner trick some naive local into sucking him off?

Will Alaura have a good time?

These answers plus much more to come!

And we’ll have fun fun fun til Daddy takes the G-string away!

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