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Well after a rough night of parting I was suposed to go to Kansas City but I was salty about the night before so I got a call from a very good friend of mine saying u need a break from ur crazy life so fly to Vegas mama and we will take care of u. Don’t worry people at least I have enough respect for my company than to just flake I did call the guy throughing the party and siad I was not gonna make it. Well then I called the boy who was sleeping cause he had worked the night before till 10am and said hey u may get an early B-Day present I am coming to Vegas earlier than expected. So I hopped on the plane and proceeded to head to Vegas as I was on a lay over in THE WINDY CITY and called the boy and said did u get my message and he was a bit salty that I would be flying in to see my friends and not him for his B-day as I explained I needed a break from work and I had cancled my appearence in KC. So Pin and Adam picked me up from the airport and let me just say I was a bit tipsy and on a 10. I had in hand my bag and my RED Blankey… I get in the car and I am trying to explain to my friends that I was safe and in thier car and I was not so sure what was gonna happen and that I would call them back. Phone was dying so I had to figure out the plan quickly my girl Sandra D calls and say hold on BOBERT I will call u right back to late phone has died fucking hell!!!! Well this is where my boys say ur coming with us to AZ for PINS B-Day… Now here I am on my way for nice break from reality gonna spend a few days away from my laptop and my phone out of touch from all the DRAMA.. NICE!!! On the morning of Pins B-Day I decide there must me one more girl add in on this shit and I had him text a few friends of mine and fly one out so now the after a few gin and tonics the games begin I belive the rest must be explained by a 3rd party prospective cause I can not be to sure what happend but a 24hr drink off and I lost for sure I def tapped out a few times but not before pissing the bed never been so tossed in my life swear that shit is crazy!!!! I mean everyone has that dream when they are a child that the get up and go to the restroom and they actually lift the tolite set but not twice in 24hrs LOL but anyways after a long recovery we drive back to LV and I am in a good place… Not sure what I am about to do Fly back home and face the music or just stay MIA but not without trying to get a phone charger and get online and deal with everyones yelling!!!! Okay I know I may have scared some people but at least I called and responsibly said I was not showing up in KC but is it absolutly ness. that everyone must know where I am at all fucking time. GOLLY!!!! PEEPS I AM ONLY HUMAN AND NO ONE PERSON CAN SAY THAT THEY HAVE NOT FLAKED ON WORK IF THEY DO THEN THEY ARE FUCKING SAINTS BUT AT LEAST I MADE A PHONE CALL SO ITS NOT EXCATLY LIKE I FLAKED SO OKAY!!!!! Well now I am back home and I have not yet gone to my house to get all my shit sit. and I am leaving my phone off for a hot min I need to get my head clear sober up a bit and spend sometime with family for the weekend!!! I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT WEEKEND AND ROCK OUT WITH UR MF-ING COCKS OUT FOR ME PLEASE I WILL CHECK IN MAYBE MID WEEK!!!!

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