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i am half french half flipino, i speak french, a little anyway.. i went to a private military school on an air force base, (only military kids could attend for those of you that dont understand what i mean by that)… my parents are very supportive of what i do, and they are very proud of me…ive lived on my own since i was about 16 so im very independent.. i have many friends, most of them are pornstars you might recognize.i love having wonderful friends in my life and everything that comes along with them..and im very greatful to have as many GOOD girlfriends as i do.i absolutley LOVE my life and my amazing career..if you dont already know, i recentley quit hardcore for numerous reasons but i am still doing ALOT of photoshoots and appearences and feature dancing..*but i will be doing harcore for my website so join up boys.. Ive been featured in many magazines such as men’s world, strip las vegas,cheri, high society,Pornstar magazine(SUPERSTAR i was soo excited, i know im a dork but c’mon, Superstar?? who ever gets that label?) club international, fox, barely legal, fresh teen,genesis, as well as taboo, and penthouse, i am also a Hustler centerfold! i have been nominated for many awards, the fame awards, adultcon awards, xrco awards,etc.. pretty much all the important ones but the one i am most proud of is my AVN best new starlet nomination..i was recently voted the "The Hottest Girl in Porn", i found out that i was the #1 pornstar in france at the begining of the year, so thats super exciting! and its funny because now im not even doing porn,, im like,, kinda late are we??lol..Anyway i have many big plans for the future that i am very very excited about such as: producing a fiscal year calendar, continuing to be great at what do currently..oh and did i mention breaking into mainstream (wich i am on the path to right now,REALLY EXCITING STUFF AND PROJECTS).im going to continue getting wiser with age, i know im not old but,i feel older because my very fast pace life..Most importanly i want to set a huge example and make a difference in peoples lives by proving that no matter what you do, or did in the past,or just whatever your current situation may be, you can still change your life around for the better!!! and then after all of that,settle down and raise family, of course only when the time is right! My life is one big dream……………………that i won’t wake up from!!!

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