Fayner Posts: I was at Keith and Taylor’s for dinner the other night. Taylor’s mom, who just moved in down the street with TR’s half-brother, was also there.

Generate AI Porn

So the grownups hung out in TR’s new "smoking area" while TR’s 6 year old brother watched Billy Madison in the TV room and played with his matchbox cars.

For some reason I wanted to change the channel on the TV. So I walked into the room and found the remote.

"Don’t change that!" TR’s mom yelled. "He’s watching that!"

I looked to the television. The porn chick Chloe was on the screen with some dude on top of her. They were naked.

"Are you sure? This is porn, you know?""

"No it isn’t! It’s Billy Madison! Don’t change it!"

"I’m not the smartest man on Earth," I said, "but this looks like Chloe the porn chick getting fucked. I don’t see Adam Sandler anywhere."

TR’s mom came in and looked at the TV. "OH my God! It is porn! Change it! Change it!"

"Are you sure?" I asked. "I mean, he was watching it, right?"

"JUST DO IT!!!!!!!"

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