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Fayner Posts: I hadn’t seen or heard from Shavo in quite some time when he called me up the other night all giddy over meeting RATT’s Stephen Pearcy. I assumed there was no one else who would have either known or cared about this news but me, but I was just happy to speak to my friend.

It’s tough seeing friends in LA when your lives are as hectic as ours are. I’m so busy trying to pass this Astronaut exam, while Shavo and his band System of a Down has been struggling to get a record contract for God knows how long. I keep telling him to give it up, that System will never be played on the radio or asked to headline a concert of 100,000 kids. But he keeps trying. God bless him.

I went over to his house to hang out. We exchanged holiday gifts (I gave him some lamb roast and he gave me an old Ozzy t shirt).

What’s Shavo been up to lately? you may ask.

First off, that rumor that he has spent all his money trying to mate his grammy with his double-platinum plaque is total rubbish. Whoever came up with that one (okay it was me just now) has some serious free time on their hands.

There is no second thing, so we’ll just get right down to it.

ACHOZEN, the project Shavo and RZA are knee-deep into as we speak, should, as I’ve been informed, be done and ready for your ears sometime in mid-April. The two songs I heard, "Deuces" and "White Pony" are killer tracks. The record (yeah, I’m old-school) will have many special guests including Jizza I mean GZA and Method Man and some others that Shavo wrote down that I can’t read. An awesome drummer will be playing (duh) drums on it. Shavo even raps quite well, although I did joke that he sounds like the guy in C & C Music Factory.

Although I couldn’t get any info from him, I know that there’s the new band Shavo started with fellow System alumni John and Daron called KISS PHLEM of a CLOWN. I just made that name up, it’s actually called SCARS ON BROADWAY (SOB) and I’m thinking it will please many people’s ears when they get to hear it. I’m trying to get them to cover my song "There’s a pumpkin in my butt and I don’t think I like it" but they seem a bit hesitant. I don’t understand why.

I’ll share more as it is shared to me.


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