Wal-Mart Hits Teens with Gay Porn How-To Manual

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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, ( – A graphic sex-ed manual promoting lesbianism to teenage girls is now offered for sale by Wal-Mart Canada. Called “irresponsible and obscene” and by the Institute for Canadian Values, the material contains explicit directions for engaging in oral/anal sexual acts. The book encourages same-sex experimentation, telling girls that only 10 percent of the population is actually heterosexual, while 80 percent is “mixed” or bi-sexual.

Produced by St. Stephens’ Community House in Toronto, the book titled “The Little Black Book for Girlz: A Book on Healthy Sexuality” caused a storm of controversy earlier this fall when parents and pro-family groups first became aware of the books’ content after it was published in September.

The manual was further condemned for using obscene and derogatory language. Examples include a section entitled “My First Time F***ing a Girl” and the statement “If you need someone to represent God The Holiness, then for me, it’s a fat black dyke.”

The manual contains misleading and dangerous information on “safe” sex devises, assuring teenagers that condom use is 100 percent effective in preventing the transmission of disease. That statement contradicts the World Health Organization’s recent admission that condom use fails to protect against HIV/AIDS transmission up to 20 percent of the time, crucial information missing from the manual.

Another section on “safe” lesbian sex acts, entitled “How to use a dental dam,” encourages girls to engage in such dangerous behaviour as sewing latex squares used in dentistry into the crotch of their underwear “for added fun.”

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