Generate AI Porn

Fayner Posts: It’s been a long time since I got a scoop before anyone else. A real long time.

But now I got one. And it’s fucking great, too!

My sources tell me Jenna Jameson, the World’s most famous porno star ever, is dating Kermit the Frog!

"Dave Navarro? Who is that??" JJ was quoted as saying outside the Ivy restaurant while waiting for her car on Monday. "I got fucking Kermit the Frog! My vagina has never been so satisfied!"

Jenna’s estranged husband, Jay G, had this to say about Jenna’s new love, Kermit: "How can I compete with Kermit? I mean, he’s green! I can’t compete with that!"

There are no wedding bells in sight, but the pair is expected to take a trip to Kermit’s birthplace in the Galapogos Islands sometime in early September.

Miss Piggy was unavailable for comment.

FOR THE RECORD: as if you didn’t know it, this is a joke. But what isn’t a joke is meddling into people’s lives during a difficult time in their lives. Leave Jenna and Jay alone and stop checking their MySpace pages to see who moved up on their Top 8 lists in order to speculate who they’re dating. It doesn’t help anyone really.

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