Fayner Posts: I know what you’re thinking. I thought the same thing. But no, Jenna does not have rabies after I bit her the other day when she called me a jerk.

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Her dog, Honey Luv, was attacked by a tick which kept on living after she tried pulling it out ‘cause she failed to remove its head.

I was busy getting ready for my move; 200 or so porno DVD cases spread across the living room floor and a stack of DVDs taller than Price which needed to be put back in their rightful home…it was one major project.

Travis called, said Jenna’s dog needed to go to the Vet ‘cause it was in bad shape and would I mind taking her since he works and she doesn’t drive.

I had to think about it ‘cause Taylor just showed up and was in a fury over my dirty ways, something that would surely escalate if I told her I had to leave the piles of porn DVD cases sprawled from end to end of the living room so I could shuttle a chick – even if it was Jenna – around town.

Finally, I agreed to help out Jenna since an animal’s health is more important than getting scolded.

Not much happened at the Vet Hospital other than Honey Luv pissing every two seconds while we waited for nearly an hour in an exam room and Jenna being a nervous wreck the whole time.

Oh, and I found out that my dog is 55 years old in people years, which pretty much means I am a certified expert in fatherhood. Sweet.


Jenna was charged $500 and they found nothing wrong with Honey Luv. She didn’t seem that furious about it, probably because she’s used to getting fucked.

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