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Fayner Posts: Yeah, that’s right, your hero, your savior, your favorite person on Earth, that being me, is by the time you read this, officially homeless. And scared.

My trusted canine companion Rhiannon, however, has been offered many invitations by some of the hottest porno chicks to stay with them as long as she wants…gals like Charlie Laine, Taylor, Ashley Blue and Jenna Presley have all gone out of their way to personally inform me that my dear doggy is more than welcome into their homes.

I’ve got zero invites.

But like they say, a dog would rather live on the streets with their master than in the most luxurious spread without them.

Rhiannon turned them all down. I mean, who else but me is gonna let her lick the cocaine residue from every finger?

No one, that’s who.

And sure, I have no home and no keys to my car but I have a loyal dog with a belly warm enough to keep both of us snug for as long as needed.

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