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Fayner Posts: I spoke to Testa this morning. This is how our conversation went.

Fayner I hate you

Testa I hate you

Fayner I wish you’d die

Testa Speaking of dying, listen to this: I went to the doctor yesterday ’cause I was having trouble blowing my load. Nothing came out. I tried and tried and tried and nothing would dribble out of my ugly dick. So I went to my doctor. He wanted nothing to do with my dick and sent me to a seedy doctor on the edge of town who has experience with gross penises.

Fayner Sweet

Testa So the doctor was looking around and feeling my nuts and discovered a third nut.

Fayner Really? Does that make you a mutant?

Testa It’s not really a third testicle.

Fayner What is it then?

Testa Okay, fine, it’s a third testicle. Real small, too, just like the other two. It’s being removed next Monday.

Fayner You should save it and bring it to Howard Stern just like GTaylor did with Bandit’s nuts.

Testa Maybe I will. Maybe I will.

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