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Fayner Posts: Winston Burbank AKA Nathan AKA Nate Dog has a problem swearing. He says "friggin’ a hole" instead of "fucking asshole." He’s the nicest of the nice. So usually getting him to touch a porno chick is a wasted chore.

Not anymore.

I guess we were just asking his to touch the wrong chick.

We found the right one.

So our roving photographer caught Nathan fondling Missy’s chest at a party recently.

He didn’t even mind having his picture taken with a half naked porno chick. Is this a new Nathan AKA Winston?

Our photographer said that right after this picture was taken Nathan went into a dark corner and waited for Missy to join him in the shadows for a little hanky panky.

We got those pictures, too, but are waiting for Nathan to pay us not to post them.

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