I went to AVN to check out this months reviews, and I noticed something…. it seems they only review titles of studios that also happen to be ‘paying advertisers’. And they only post press releases from ‘paying advertisers’.

Generate AI Porn

Look at the ‘Editors Choice’ selections… all paid advertisers.

Front page of website… AVN Videos, featured company month after month… Vivid, Wicked, Club Jenna, DP… all paid advertisers.

AVN is no longer a non-biased trade magazine/website, they are a magazine and site that reports biasely based on who pays them and how much they get paid.

”And the AVN Award goes to…. Paid Advertiser”

Lukeford.com, AdultFYI.com, XXXPornTalk.com… we all have backers and we push them the most and don’t hide that fact, we don’t ‘pretend’ to be impartial.

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