Generate AI Porn

Fayner Posts: I was chatting with Jenna Presley a couple of days ago about how I lost a bag of weed and couldn’t find it for the life of me.

"I can sniff it out for you!" Jenna gloated. "I have this unnatural sense of smell, just like a bloodhound!"

"Listen," I argued, "I’m getting a bloodhound puppy very soon and have become well versed in the breed."

For thought, a bloodhound in Colorado tracked a missing girl who had been gone for three days for over ten miles and eight hours, only to find her dead and wrapped in plastic under water.

"Fuck that!" Jenna belted, "I want a contest, me versus a bloodhound, to track down something hidden in your yard so I can prove my nose is better at detecting scents than a stupid dog!"

So now it’s on. Jenna’s gonna get spanked silly. No chance in hell. It will be fun watching her on all fours with a dog collar on combing the area for a dead rat against arguably the best nose on earth.

We’ll keep you posted…

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