Police: Geauga Lake Worker Took Nude Photos Of Co-Workers

Man Accused Of Hiding Cameras To Photograph Tenants

From NewsNet5

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A former Geauga Lake employee has been charged with more than 20 counts of voyeurism for allegedly photographing female co-workers in the nude at his Hudson home. Police said 71-year-old John McMahon gained the trust of several co-workers who came from overseas to work summers at Geauga Lake and then took advantage of them, and police also believe that this had been going on for years, reported NewsChannel5’s Brad Harvey. Investigators said McMahon offered cheap rent to foreign female co-workers, then used hidden cameras to photograph them nude. Five of the women found the photos of themselves while using the home’s computer, but police said they believe there are more. "Through our investigation, it was revealed that there were more than just those people that were victims, so that’s why it constitutes the 21 charges," said Lt. Kevin May of the Hudson Police Department. Police said they also found a videotape of McMahon having sex with a consenting adult as a young child watched.Neighbors said they are withholding judgment until all the facts are out but said that McMahon always tried to help the women he boarded, even loaning them cars. "I’ve known John, and John’s helped them out financially and any other way he can. It was a shock to the neighborhood when this all came out," said next-door neighbor Jim Redmond. Geauga Lake officials said the amusement park often helps international workers find housing, but that that was not the case with McMahon’s tenants. They said McMahon was recently fired from his job in the rides department, where he had at one point operated the ferry, but said that the firing had nothing to do with the case against him. "We do background checks on all of our employees, and we had no idea that something like this would ever happen," said Geauga Lake’s Lexi Robinson. McMahon has been released from jail on bond. He’ll be back in court next week for a preliminary hearing.