Generate AI Porn
    I just wanted to take a second to ask a small favor, if you’re able to.  I don’t know of any other way and I do apologize but I wanted Felecia Danay to know that I have "dedicated" a video game character to her.  I have named her "Felicia" and I had to restructure her a couple times to avoid a direct reflectness of.  I have opted to keep her Latin look but I gave her a harder, less "bedroom eye" appearance.  Initially she was identical to Felecia but I didn’t want Felecia to take offense so I changed her face a bit.
    Anyway, our character was/is inspired by Felecia and I just wanted her to know that.  No big deal, she doesn’t have to contact me or anything, I just thought she might find it "cool".  Here’s the direct to the information page, the game is called "Scared"  http://www.dubetzdesigns.com/Scared.html
Take care.

All the best,
Fayner Says: I like it, I do, but to me this chick looks a lot more like Temptress than Felecia (wait, is it the career chicks-only Felecia or another one?)…I guess it don’t really matter.
Now do I get a free copy of this game ’cause I just gave it press? I should you know (hint hint hint hint hint hint)

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