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Hi everyone-
I apologize for not writing again last night- I had a super stressful day then came home and got into an argument with my boyfriend which really didn’t get settled till this morning. I feel bad when I say I am going to do something and I don’t (re: cont of journal & possible Live Chat Today)- when I make commitments I like to follow through. I’m big enough to admit when I’m wrong. Now a days it seems that a persons would doesn’t really mean jack- so I like to pride myself on always doing what I say. These past couple of days haven’t been the best. You are at the top of my priority list- I’ll stop being neglectful.

So I a 90% on my mid-term- I was so happy. I have to study harder because I really would like a 95 in the class and I only have 3 weeks left. my grade right know is a 91%. I’ll pull it up, do you have faith in me?

I know I had been writing a lot about my first experiences in porn but I was laying on my bed thinking and I wanted to give you some thing really good. As you may or may not know I used to work for a Mortgage Company toward the beginning of this year and the end of last year. It was pretty cool. An office full of cute men between 24-45. Some married with kids but still playful and flirty- I loved working there it was just really far from home. (you guys know who you are always thinking of you-if you read this) There was this one occasion everyone from work was going out for a beer after work- actually they where going to strip club nicked named "double wide" don’t ask me why. Hey I like strip clubs and was down to go. First let me give you some background information- ever since I first started at "The Mortgage Company" there was this hot sexy guy for all intense purposes lets call him "Davey" Now Davey and I always had this UN-spoke connection that anyone who was around us could totally feel the energy- sexual temptation kind of energy. He was on my "level" in so many ways- intellectually, emotionally, and philosophically. Everything a women needs to have her needs fulfilled. God- hmmf I still get turned on thinking about him. (you know who you are) So back to the beginning: everyone was meeting after work at the "double wide" but I had been having a rough day and Davey was so kind to lend an ear. So after work instead of going with our fellow co-workers to watch naked chicks and get drunk. We sat in his car and talked and yes for the most part we did talk- of course toward the end of the conversation I started to fill a bit playful and sucked on his ear and talked some shit- just enough to get his cock really hard and then I slide my hands across his cock- that was still home in his pants. Then we decided before the situation escalated any further that we would cease and desist. LOL. The funny thing was that on the following Monday there was a rumor going around the office that I sucked him off after work- which of course didn’t happen. I was upset because I pride my self on being professional blah blah- if you want to know the truth it was a cover I don’t really like people being all up in my biz- and again if I’m going to do some dirt I’ll be like the song and "keep it on the down low". The funny thing is that what everyone in the office didn’t know is that sometime twice or three times a week – we (Davey and I) would plan to take our lunches- near the same time sometimes spacing them 10-15 Min’s between departures so the office would see him or I leave then see him or I leave after they assumed the other was gone- mean while most of the time I would be waiting in the ladies bathroom and couple floors down for him to come bang me out of the sink.

You know me I’m all about playing the part- so I always wore specific outfits know that all day till lunch I’d be driving him crazy. And as soon as 12:30pm came I’d be waiting. He come into the bathroom and we would instantly start making out like fiens we would go at each other fulfilling lust that hours of teasing and sexual innuendos had built up. After locking the door we were always careful not to mess up our clothes or rip any buttons. he would pick me up and I’d wrap my legs around his body; carrying me over to the sink I could feel his cock trobing through his slacks. Panting I beg for the dick- i throbing wanted him to fill me up with his cock. He pulls my cotton thong panties to the side and slides his cock into me I moan with Ecstasy. We always made these sessions quick and easy. get in cum and get out. But speaking of cumming this is where my background in porn comes in handy- He pulls out and puts his load in my mouth never flinching I swallow his load with no evidence to be seen on my face- I pull some mouthwash from my purse- rinse give him a kiss & continue my day in most cases I just went out to get a real lunch- thank god for hour lunches. The thoughts of my lunch treat filled my mind for the rest of the day.

I just want to add that I am so thankful for you my adoring fans.
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Talk to you soon!
Biggest kiss ever-
Eve L

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