Generate AI Porn

Fayner Posts: I’m not sure if what I’m about to say is considered racist, but Asians just aren’t known for their humor if you ask me. Margaret Cho? C’mon. Sure, Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles was a hoot and all, but Asians don’t have a stable of giggle-generators like some other cultures.

But leave it to an Asian, producer Tea Lansky to create such a funny-bone fondling fuck film as Late Night Sessions. It’s basically a talk-show mixed with comical commercials and silly scene stories. Take Venus and Brit Skye’s scene where they’re alien chicks in need of hick semen. Unable to communicate their needs to the hillbillies, the pair speed-reads through a bimbo book and instantly become the typical American whore. Even the classic "girl has car trouble and no money to pay for repairs so she fucks the mechanic" scenario beats anything Jonathan Morgan has done during his many years of making "comedy" porno flicks.

I laughed while watching this movie. That is rare. Tony Tedeschi did a sweet job writing this comedy and should be serviced orally by every chick he runs in to from now until October 19th. Late Night Sessions is from Explicit Entertainment and is distributed by Passion Pictures. If you enjoy chuckling while flogging the dolphin I recommend getting it for your collection.

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