This Thursday is sure to be a day filled with tons of headlines!!!

Generate AI Porn

Some highlights………..

…. one Pornstar will be announced as the newest contract pereformer for a mega company! And don’t expect this to be a contract signing that means we’ll never see her again or there’ll be plenty of fluff scenes. Expect this girl to have a BREAK-OUT year just like McKenzie Lee had…. expext lots of ANAL on the plate for this GLAMOUR GIRL, soon to be contract girl.

(oh, and we’ll try to break it here first on Lukeford, I mean come on, we already have the story… but out of respect for the starlet we’ve been asked to wait until Thursday. But there’s a good chance you may see the announcement on another site first, after all… we don’t have any awards for sale here.)

…. one Pornstar is about to go public with her displeasure with her contract and her desire to ‘get the fuck out of it‘. She feels she was misled, misguided and lied to and she wants out.

…. one Porn Legend (eventhough she’s under 30 years old) is set to announce her comeback with a Performing/Directing deal with another mega company.

…. Taylor Rain is set to announce plans for a comeback with none other than Skeeter Kerkove, and THESE details we can guarantee WILL BE EXCLUSIVE HERE THURSDAY!!!

…. Scott Fayner will visit Temple to clense himself of the pork he ingested from eating taylor rain’s lasagna…. but before Temple, Scott will indulge in 11 more helpings of TMFR’s lasagna!

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