This week, Networth bears down on the easiest target on the internet, George Walker Bush.

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BY By Jeremy Loome, The Edmonton Sun

We admit to loathing Bush, which is hardly unique. What may be unique, however, is the vitriol he draws from everyone except right-wingers, most of whom never bother trying to actually counteract actual arguments against the man.

Here, then, is a collection of sites designed to demonstrate how a rich kid brat from New England with a penchant for violence, alcoholism, drug-use and out-and-out economic fraud managed to convince everyone he was dumb and folksy, enroute to becoming the most powerful guy on Earth.

(And a quick note to Bush lovers and liberal haters: criticisms on actual points of fact, please, which means actually reading things you don’t like and challenging your own preconceptions. General, pointless rants get the delete button.)

We begin our journey into the world wide ‘w’ by stopping at Rotten contains lots of horrible things, but its cutting humour is worth the visit alone. And the bios are remarkably accurate, albeit incredibly insulting.

That sums up why the president is a loathesome creep. (And for anyone suspecting pro-Democrat bias, consider that we hate the Kennedys just as much.)

If, however, you think the fact that Bush holds some of your beliefs excuses his transgressions, try challenging the man instead of his opponents… or your own beliefs. (Being a right-wing Christian could be cool. Being a lying, sociopathic, manipulative, greedy right-wing Christian is definitely not.)

One way to measure a man: Is he honest? Here’s author David Corn’s piece on Bush’s legacy of being caught lying.

Corn managed to find so many Bush lies, he wrote a book.

Then again, with a resume like George Bush’s, what do you expect? He failed at every business venture he undertook and once publicly stated he’d rather be the commissioner of Major League Baseball than governor of Texas. As if there wasn’t enough cheating in baseball already…

Here’s what Dubya’s REAL resume would look like, written by a former supporter.

Try posting those on and see how far you get!

“Uh huh,” you say. “Surely such a lowdown, conniving little weasel couldn’t possibly have accomplished so much on his own?” True enough: his dad has a resume that is almost as unenviable and one that guaranteed his son success. But more to the point, the U.S. president says God guides his hand directly!

Except, apparently, for when it comes to tracking down fundamentalist terrorists. Osama Still Bin Hiding.

The God connection shouldn’t really suprise us. It’s a long-standing tradition of sociopathic megalomaniacs to claim such a connection. Alexander the Great did it, Caligula did it, The Rev. Sun Myung-Moon did it…

Huh? Wait a second… what does the leader of the world’s largest cult have to do with George Bush? Not much, unless you consider endorsing the head of the Moonies important.

Now go to any of the sites on the Moonies and read the truth about George’s buddy.

We close with the usual juvenile shots. Yeah, sure, they undermine any serious arguments about George Bush’s place in history, but what’re ya gonna do:

Math proving Bush is Satan

Dancing Bush

Cartoons about Bush

Brilliant “Bush-isms”

Bush looks like a chimp

Did you know there are more Albertans willing to defend George Bush without actually having done any research than anywhere in else in Canada? Prove me wrong… please.

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