Just spoke to Missy Monroe……

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She’s on her way today to shoot a squirting scene and working with Ariana Jolie! The scene setup is this….. Ariana Jolie is going to squirt is Missy Monrroe’s asshole!!!!! However, Missy is concerned it will be piss and thus give her an infection, so she’s hoping to reverse the scene and squirt love jizm into Ariana’s ass. Stay tunedfor details!!!

Oh, and Wednesday…. Missy drank 2 cups of Starbucks Cafe Mocha…. and then proceeded to do a scene wjere she squirted the Mocha all over the place!!! SWEET!

Way to go Missy!! Missy’s also gearing up to shoot/direct another movie (her first directing movie was Big Tit Whores), this ones gonna be an all anal movie. And in other Missy news, she’s about to get started with her official website, which she promises to be more hardcore instead of glossy pretty girl!!

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