Alexander Writes In: Why don’t you poll the Luke Ford electorate to see "Which pornstar has been peed on the most"

Generate AI Porn

Just an idea and not all of it was mine…

Fayner Says: Geez. Am I at the point where I’m gonna hit the phone and use my journalism skills to figure out which porno chick has been peed on the most? Probably. But will I do it? Probably not.

But if I were to guess I’d have to say one of the chicks that was in Ashley Blue’s JM Productions flick about the all-girl bukkake (sp?) must take the cake when it comes to being urinated on. Just a guess. Most likely a bad guess, too, but it is possible.

Either that or Catalina. She was always getting pissed on. Of course she never knew she was getting pissed on ’cause Max just told her it was raining…

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